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Planned giving

When God moves in the hearts of His children to leave their comfort zone and follow Him into the mission field, a huge transition takes place. Missionaries often leave the proximity of family, the lure of promising careers, and the comfort of the familiar world they grew up in to follow the call of God to take the gospel to a needy place. While we can’t remove the hardships of missionary service, we do everything we can to support their efforts for maximum gospel impact.

Your partnership with BMM Foundation helps us meet critical missionary needs. In the words of our missionaries…

We are better able to serve the people God has called us to reach with the gospel, because we have an excellent team with a wide expertise that bridges the gaps. What gaps? Gaps between the missionary and donors, the missionary and the IRS, the missionary and a giant Health Insurance Company, the missionary and his own retirement, the missionary and new recruits, and even the missionary and his own inexperience.

Staff at the Home office taught me before I left for the field, they help keep me on the field, and they will prepare me when I come off the field. The Home Office is an essential piece to the puzzle that makes every step of missionary work possible.

Your gifts to the Home Office allow hundreds of missionaries to focus on what they do best.

While there are many diverse ways to encourage the work of missions, one constant remains: your generosity has a measurable and lasting impact on the lives of our missionaries and on the Great Commission. Your gifts will make a difference.